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 Class Sponsorship Challenge for LOEC!  participate in getting $25 class sponsorships.  a fabulous prize will be awarded to the person who brings in the most Class Sponsorships!


The Land of Enchantment Circuit is a tradition with over 40 years of history.

Learn More about the 2018 Land of Enchantment Circuit.

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New Mexico Quarter Horse Association is the premier association dedicated to serving AQHA enthusiasts in the state of New Mexico and surrounding areas. As an AQHA affiliate our goal is to promote the American Quarter Horse and act as a resource for all American Quarter Horse owners, breeders, exhibitors, and supporters. We are dedicated to supporting all AQHA adventures from racing, ranching, showing, breeding, or just simply riding.


Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for sponsoring LOEC this year!  For Details on our Class Sponsorship Challenge visit our Show page.


                 ARENA SPONSOR

Berger Briggs Real Estate and Insurance




                      BRONZE SPONSOR

Blue Ribbon Tack

Lakin Milling Company


                 CLASS SPONSORS

Charlene Johnson  Senior Trail

Beth Ullenberg       Ama. Hunter Under

NMQHA Central Office P.O. Box 11 Peralta, NM 87042
Ed Atler: 505-463-6514  |  Bridgette Honea: 505-991-4582

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